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Space Engineers 3D Printer

A program to convert Small ships to 3D printer compatible STL files. Note that several of the models are placeholders and some of the new blocks are missing. You can substitute in your own ASCII STL files for 0.5 size blocks

3D Printer Executable only
3D Printer Full Source

Space Engineers Build Analysis

A utility to analyse build requirements for ships in Space Engineers

Space Engineers Build Analysis
C# Source Code - MS Visual Studio 2012

Visual Pinball

This Visual Pinball table uses a 50" TV for the main display and a 32" TV for the backboard.
The Dot Matrix Display is a 19" screen and a 200 watt sound system pumps out music loud enough to draw the spectators in.

Another Arcade Table

When putting your coffee down just isn't enough.

Game of Life

Bored of using Excel for statistics and graphs? With a bit of VBA, it gets much more interesting. In this case, a randomly generated game of life
Don't forget to Enable Content to allow the macro to work!

Conway's Game of life in Microsoft Excel 2010

Motion Platform - Demonstration

After getting hold of an actuator, managed to get the platform running on one axis, Troy is the lucky guinea pig in this video.

Motion Platform - Work in progress...

Using telemetry data from Dirt 3 to run a USB IO device.
Green light : Forward/backward force
Red light: Left/right force

Work still very much in progress (as are my driving skills...)
To extract information: The IO board can be purchased from:
All the rest done in MSVC++ 2008 Express.

Arcade Table

Hours of entertainment re-living the classics!
Emulators, Frontend and interface configuration by myself, table built by Scott

Evochron Mercenary Nav Map

A add on for the game Evochron Mercenary by Star Wraith games. Acts as a advanced log of places visited, navigation system and hidden system pinpointing system.
Interfaces with nav map, game output data and universe map. Also contains facility to post configurable data to a website.
Created in MS Visual C++ 2008.

Executable Only (Windows)
Forum development thread and community responses


A graphical simulation of the German Enigma cipher machine used in the second world war. This version contains a plugboard with up to 6 connectors, three rotors and a reflector.
The electrical signal path and rotor movement is shown when typing a message.
Created in Borland C++ Builder

Executable Only (Windows)

Fleet 2000

Experiment with an asteroids style shooter. The player ship will fly to the mouse cursor. Shooting other ships will cause hostility, resulting in a firefight. Alliances and enemies will form amongst the NPC ships as the fight progresses.
Created in Borland Delphi 6.

Full Source Code (Borland Delphi 6)
Executable Only (Windows)